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If you’ve recently joined a Crossfit box or are considering diving into this high-intensity workout regime, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the unique jargon. Terms like WOD, AMRAP, and EMOM can make you feel like you need a translator. But fear not! This Crossfit dictionary is here to help you decode the language of […]


June 11, 2024

The Crossfit Dictionary: Decoding the Language of WODs and AMRAPs

Crossfit WODs (Workouts of the Day) are designed to push you to your limits, both physically and mentally. While the challenge can be exhilarating, it can also be overwhelming. Keeping your sanity during these intense workouts is crucial for long-term success and enjoyment. Here’s your ultimate survival guide to navigating the toughest WODs and coming […]


June 10, 2024

The Crossfit WOD Survival Guide: How to Keep Your Sanity During the Toughest Workouts

Ever wondered why your neighbor can carry all their groceries in one trip while you struggle with just the eggs and bread? It’s not magic; it’s functional fitness, and there’s a good chance they’ve got CrossFit to thank for it. CrossFit isn’t just about lifting heavy things and performing feats of gymnastic wonder; it’s about […]


May 14, 2024

Functional Fitness: The Benefits of CrossFit for Everyday Life

So, you’ve been hitting the box (that’s CrossFit speak for gym) like a beast, sweating through WOD after WOD, and now you’re ready to take your game to the next level – competition. Whether it’s a local throwdown or the CrossFit Games (aim high, my friend), preparing for your first event is equal parts exhilarating […]


May 13, 2024

CrossFit Competitions: Preparing for Your First Event

Hey CrossFit warriors! You’ve survived another brutal WOD (Workout of the Day) and you’re feeling like a superhero with a slight limp. You’re lifting, jumping, and sweating buckets in ways that make your non-CrossFit friends question your sanity. But hey, they just don’t get it, right?  To keep up with your CrossFit madness, you need […]


May 12, 2024

Nutrition for CrossFit: Fuel Your WODs with the Right Diet

CrossFit: the ultimate fitness craze that promises to turn you into a superhero minus the cape and the supervillains. Whether you’re a seasoned CrossFitter or a newbie looking to build strength and endurance, these top 10 workouts are designed to push your limits, test your resolve, and maybe make you question your life choices (in […]


May 11, 2024

Top 10 CrossFit Workouts for Building Strength and Endurance

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge into the world of CrossFit. Congratulations! You’re about to embark on a journey that’s equal parts exhilarating and exhausting, with a healthy dose of camaraderie and competition. Here’s your guide to transitioning from a CrossFit newbie to a beast, sprinkled with practical advice, plus a nod to The […]


May 9, 2024

From Beginner to Beast: A Guide to Starting CrossFit

CrossFit is an intense, high-energy workout regime that can transform your fitness. But with great power comes great responsibility namely, the responsibility to avoid injuries. Here are some practical  tips to keep you safe and sound during your CrossFit journey, along with a shout out to The Muscle Engineers for their recovery expertise. Warm Up […]


May 8, 2024

Avoiding Injuries in CrossFit: Tips for Safe Training

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