Sports Massage Therapies

Forcing yourself to play through the pain caused by tight, cramped muscles not only results in unnecessary suffering.

It affects your ability to hold the correct form, making it impossible to swing, stroke, bend, or reach effectively to play your best.

We specialize in helping you pinpoint the cause of your discomfort so we can develop customized massage therapy sessions to address your unique needs.

heal better

The key to success is a customized treatment plan!

I craft a particular treatment plan in order to produce your desired outcome. One size does not fit all! Instead, one size fits one. That’s where the ‘magic’ happens. 

I tell my clients that I’m walking into the session with my entire toolbox and we will use what we need on that day. I will employ a particular approach to each client depending on their particular condition and current state. 

Most of my clients come to me with chronic, long-standing issues that have plagued them for years. After carrying around a condition for so long I may need to implement a variety of techniques like deep tissue & sports massage and disciplines like stretching and cupping

Typically, chronic pain or discomfort requires a short series of treatments in order to achieve the desired outcomes of pain relief and normal mobility. The body adapts and reprograms itself over time on its own, individualized pace. 

Cupping is an ancient method that can be used to stretch fascia and soft tissues lifting and opening space at the joints while utilizing negative pressure.

Negative pressure will move the connective tissue and increase local blood circulation, just as positive pressure does, but cupping creates space between the sticky layers that compress the nerves running through them and provides pain relief.

I primarily use cupping in areas where positive pressure is painful, and I start with very light suction and move very slowly, often letting the cup remain on a muscle attachment for 1-2 minutes while I engage myofacial release around it.

our flagship 6 weeks to wellness program

This isn't a package. It's a life-improving program.

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Are you in chronic pain? Discover how, in 6 short weeks, we’ll take you on a massage journey that will finally break through your pain cycle, align joints & retrain muscles to give you long-lasting flexibility, mobility, and range-of-motion!

Unlock your muscles' full potential with our personalized 6-week program for chronic pain issues, performance improvement plans, or an overall wellness boost. Show your body its full range of motion, retrain stressed areas, and promote healthier muscle memory for long-term health.

give your body the time it needs to heal

When you tell us about yourself, your hobbies, and your lifestyle, there are certain things we already know about your muscles. (Trust us: we're the professionals.) During our first session, we target what's hurting and what's not working. Then, we develop a realistic plan to overcome those pains.

You'll feel better afterwards, but your body's pretty stubborn. By the time the pain's back, we'll be around for session #2.

Discovery Massage

Since our massages go 20 minutes longer than the average, we have time to figure out how your muscles respond to certain treatments and techniques. Our intro sessions are all about understanding what works (versus what doesn't) up and down your kinetic chain. 

The next time you get on the table, it's always quicker to find that relief.

introductory sessions

Each week, you're not just getting a relaxing, healing massage. We're also giving your muscles a small training session. For quite some time, they've been locked in a vicious pain cycle.

We take tight, contracted muscles and introduce them to their full ranges of motion so they're comfortable at their natural resting length. With every passing week, you'll step off the table feeling more and more like your old self.

breakthrough sessions

Just like any training program, consistency helps maintain results. We don't want you or your muscles to go backwards after 6 weeks of hard work. Once you've had a chance to reset and relax in your "new" normal, we'll develop an ongoing massage maintenance plan for peak results. 

ongoing preventative plan

sports recovery massage

golf swing release massage

Tennis Tune-up massage

  • Rapidly bounce back between runs, workouts, and competitions
  • Increase the circulation of blood and lymph to overexerted muscles
  • Experience deep tissue techniques with both passive and active stretching
  • Achieve the perfect blend of restoration and relaxation.
  • Custom-tailored massage session targeting key shoulder, back, and arm muscles
  • Gain greater flexibility in the tight muscles causing you to slice right or hook left
  • Improve your golf swing’s acceleration
  • Add more distance to every club in your bag
  • Improved flexibility, power, and range of motion on the court
  • Experience a variety of massage techniques custom-designed to help your body feel freer and stronger
  • Loosen your muscles for increased flexibility and range of motion
  • The ultimate warm-up

70 mins - $150
100 mins - $175




70 mins - $150
100 mins - $175

70 mins - $150
100 mins - $175

As an Osteopathic physician myself, I can vouch for Rod’s professional approach to everything he does, as well as his therapeutic touch: I can tell he contacts the tissues with respect and active listening, only taking them as far as they are ready to go.

 After a short series of massages, I’ve noticed far longer periods of no pain and far less severe pain

Allen S.

Absolutely an outstanding experience. The Muscle Engineers® has the perfect touch in creating a plan that addresses those specific needs for oneself. It was a wonderful experience and well done. Very experienced, professional and thorough. To top off the experience the home convenience factor - no travel necessary- go from the table to the couch!

absolutely outstanding experience

Brett G.

As a professional in the health and wellness industry, I definitely see the value in massage - Rod’s services in particular. I saw a noticeable difference in my range of motion as soon as I stood up and into the next few days from this service. His massages are truly beneficial and it’s easy to see that he puts a ton of effort into providing the best experience possible for his clients.

I recommend him to my own personal training clients

Mackenzie M.

The 6 week to wellness has allowed for a more sustainable relief as the knots start to work out and then the care is reinforced repeatedly resulting in going from super sore all the time to actually feeling good like I could keep going and going with no pain.

I swim, do CrossFit and other exercises that tighten up my muscles

Reita F.