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You Shouldn’t Have To Leave Your Home To Get The Best Massage You've Ever Had!

We help active men and women approaching 40 and beyond 

  • End Pain
  • Prevent Injury
  • Improve Performance

so they can confidently stay active, well into their 80’s!

By design, the human body is a well-honed machine. Each ligament, joint, and muscle must function properly to achieve optimal performance.

And like any well-built machine, normal wear and tear is natural. Many of the routine aches and pains we experience result from the hard work that helps us develop lean, strong, active physiques in the first place.

pain is inevitable suffering is optional

And guess what? There are just three steps to end pain and get you from where you are, to where you want to be.


Step 1:
book an appointment


Step 2:
Tell us your goals


step 3:
celebrate your success

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Duh! Our bodies naturally try to avoid it.

This is why, no matter how hard you work to perfect your form and skills...

but...pain hurts! 

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Painful knots in your shoulder blades will quickly throw off your backhand

Stiff, achy knees make gardening more torture than pleasure

A pinched nerve in your lower back is going to ruin your swing

Don’t play through the pain. Eliminate it!

We don’t just care about massage…we care about you!

Unlike typical spa massages, our customers incorporate customized, goal-oriented massage therapies into their overall fitness regimen.

Our 20+ years of experience has proven that goal-oriented massages can help you

Move from pain to performance in your sports activities

Recover faster from injuries and get you back to your life

Establish an essential mind/body connection by relaxing tightened muscles to release painful tension, triggering your brain to release stress-reducing hormones like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.

our flagship 6 weeks to wellness program

This isn't a package. It's a life-improving program.

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Are you in chronic pain? Discover how, in 6 short weeks, we’ll take you on a massage journey that will finally break through your pain cycle, align joints & retrain muscles to give you long-lasting flexibility, mobility, and range-of-motion!

Unlock your muscles' full potential with our personalized 6-week program for chronic pain issues, performance improvement plans, or an overall wellness boost. Show your body its full range of motion, retrain stressed areas, and promote healthier muscle memory for long-term health.

give your body the time it needs to heal

When you tell us about yourself, your hobbies, and your lifestyle, there are certain things we already know about your muscles. (Trust us: we're the professionals.) During our first session, we target what's hurting and what's not working. Then, we develop a realistic plan to overcome those pains.

You'll feel better afterwards, but your body's pretty stubborn. By the time the pain's back, we'll be around for session #2.

Discovery Massage

Since our massages go 20 minutes longer than the average, we have time to figure out how your muscles respond to certain treatments and techniques. Our intro sessions are all about understanding what works (versus what doesn't) up and down your kinetic chain. 

The next time you get on the table, it's always quicker to find that relief.

introductory sessions

Each week, you're not just getting a relaxing, healing massage. We're also giving your muscles a small training session. For quite some time, they've been locked in a vicious pain cycle.

We take tight, contracted muscles and introduce them to their full ranges of motion so they're comfortable at their natural resting length. With every passing week, you'll step off the table feeling more and more like your old self.

breakthrough sessions

Just like any training program, consistency helps maintain results. We don't want you or your muscles to go backwards after 6 weeks of hard work. Once you've had a chance to reset and relax in your "new" normal, we'll develop an ongoing massage maintenance plan for peak results. 

ongoing preventative plan

services we offer

sports massage

medical massage

wellness massage

Our Sports massage treatments will give you the confidence to play your chosen sport to the best of your ability. Pain-free!

Discover how much quicker you can recover after surgery, injury, or muscle-related issues like neck/back strains/sprains, rotator cuff injuries, and frozen shoulder.

“Get back to where you once belonged” isn't just a Beatles lyric!

Our Wellness Massage techniques will help you stay youthful long into your “Golden Years”!

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Absolutely an outstanding experience. Perfect Touch Massage has the perfect Touch in creating a plan that addresses those specific needs for oneself. It was a wonderful experience and well done. Very experienced, professional and thorough. To top off the experience the home convenience factor - no travel necessary- go from the table to the couch!

absolutely outstanding experience

Brett G.

I can’t be more than satisfied with the massage I got from Rodney. With his great personality and his professionalism, he truly makes you feel comfortable. He brings relaxing music and aroma therapy, just like when you go to a spa. I would highly recommend him if you really want to work those aches out, relax and all in the comfort of your home.

I can't be more than satisfied with the massage

Shae G.

I found him through Google search and he was awesome and professional! He made me feel comfortable on my first visit as it is done in home. I signed up for the 6 week wellness and I will not regret it. Only 1 week complete but his techniques work and only after one massage I can feel a difference with all my issues. Highly recommend giving him a try!

Highly recommend giving [rod] a try

Ashley a.

So here is the deal. Rod is THE best massage therapist. Add to the fact he comes to you! Now you not only get a top tier massage but you don't have to leave home for it. No traffic and no worrying about dealing with other people at a location. Plus he is top notch with taking care you.

Rod is the best massage therapist

jute w.

Sports massage

Wellness Massage

Medical Massage

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